Q. Is Byodo-In an active Temple?

No. It is part of the cemetery. Behind Buddha is the columbarium where niches hold cremated remains in urns. We also have an ash garden or scattering garden as an option.

Q. Do you do tours?

Yes, with an appointment arrangements will be made.

Q. Is this a public place?

No, it is privately owned and operated. An admission fee is charged for visiting the Temple grounds and also paying respects to General Zhang Xue-Liang’s site.

Q. Do you do services?

Yes, funeral services, memorial services, weddings & military re-enlistment services. Please contact appropriate departments or persons to make arrangements.

Funeral and Memorial Services: (808) 239-8811 - Family Services

Wedding Services: (808) 239-9844  - Event Coordinator

Q. Do you have special events?

We host several local artists. Different artists, musicians or book authors on each day of the week – weather permitting. Call the Gift Shop at (808) 239-9844 for event confirmation.

Q. What is the procedure to schedule an event?

We have an Event Coordinator who works out of the gift shop. Please call (808) 239-9844.

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